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Veterinary Programs

We are proud to be members of both the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) and the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA).

With help from these associations, we have created tailored programs to meet the unique coverage needs of veterinarian clinics and hospitals all over the country.

You take care of them.

let us take care of you.



Program Highlights

• A+ Rated Carriers

• Simplified Policy Issuance

• 24-hour Claims & Customer Service

• Proprietary Coverage Forms Exclusive to TexCap

• Special Discount Member Rates

• Risk Management Resources

• Online Application

Business Insurance


■ Property

■ General Liability

■ Workers Compensation

■ Automobile

■ Liability Umbrella


■ Professional Liability

■ Cyber Liability

■ License Defense

■ Animal Bailee

■ Kennel & Groomer Coverage

and more

Life & Health Coverages


■ Group Medical

■ Dental

■ Vision

■ Life

■ Disability

■ Long Term Care

Pet Insurance

and more


How it Works

Our Approach

We recognize that as your veterinary practice grows and becomes more complex, your risks grow and change too. TexCap is with you every step of the way, offering choice and guidance when it comes to protecting what means most.

Step 1


Your TexCap Advisor will perform a needs assessment and risk analysis on your current insurance program. They will then provide exposure updates and additional recommendations that might be of service to you and your risk management program.

Step 2


At this point, your TexCap Team, which includes a Client Manager and Client Service Representative, will create a market strategy for you and gather solutions to best fit your needs.

step 3


At this point in the TexCap Experience, you will be presented with a formal proposal of solutions, and receive your resource and service preference options.

Step 4


Throughout the year, TexCap will provide touch-points for various needs. Whether we’re providing updates or making sure you are happy with your additional resources, it’s our pleasure to serve you.


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