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Here at TexCap, we don’t just provide insurance to protect your business. We also offer bonds to support your business obligations.

Whether you need a one-shot bond, or a bonding program, TexCap is here for you.

Types of Surety Bonds

We offer surety bonds, which are financial guarantees between you (the contractor) and a third-party. Bonds ensure that any contracts or other business deals you and a third-party agree upon will be fulfilled, and that in the event of broken terms, the harmed party can make a claim on the bond. Bonds are not insurance, but are underwritten like a loan.

License & Permit Bonds

License and permit bonds are acquired by a property owner or contractor doing work on behalf of a property owner. They are at the very least a regulatory avenue for municipalities, counties and states to provide quality control, along with revenue.

Construction Bonds

TexCap has surety’s that offer up to 30% dividend programs. We offer comprehensive evaluations of a company’s financials to make sure they are in the best positions to be underwritten.

Commercial Bonds

Also known as business bonds and commercial surety bonds, Commercial Bonds are agreements that protect businesses. They’re generally required by state laws for various industries, and guarantee some aspect of a principal’s occupation. 

Court Bonds

Court Bonds are needed by individuals when they are involved in pursuing an action through a court of law. Court bonds are divided into two main categories: Judicial Bonds and Fiduciary/Probate Bonds.

Comprehensive Solutions

TexCap can provide a means to obtain a competitive bond line. Whether the contractor is looking to increase their bonding capacity or put themselves ahead of their competition with an impressive letter of authority, we can help.


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